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Myshopspecials.co.nz is an online platform which operates as an Online Shopping Hub where online trading companies are facilitated to have their own space to showcase their products and services. Traders are also facilitated to feature their Specials, Clearances, Coupons, Promotions or any other Specialty they have. Business details of traders will always come up with their Special Offers which gives the highest possible customer attraction to the Business. My Shop Specials platform is designed and dedicated to provide the highest possible meaningful web traffic to our partnered online trading websites in Australia and New Zealand (Oceania).

If a customer wants to buy something online, he/she doesn’t need to be searching for it on many different individual websites separately. My Shop Specials is the Online Shopping Hub where anybody can search and find online traders according to thire need.

Buying procedures, transactions, and terms & conditions will be handling according to the individual online trader as on their websites.

We, AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED have taken above stated ideas and the fact as a challenge. We have faced that challenge by developing the technology for www.myshopspecials.co.nz website and its mobile apps.

This project is planed, funded, developed, and administrated by AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED.
AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED is entirely a New Zealand based company which is registered at New Zealand Companies Office with the company registration number 4342838.

# One more thing from our philosophy – “The purpose is more important than the physical thing itself.”
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