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Myshopspecials.co.nz is not another ordinary online Business Directory but also letting Businesses to post their Specials, Clearances, Coupons, Promotions or any other Specialty they have. Business Details of Traders will always come up with their Best Deals which gives the highest possible customer attraction to the Business.

“Imagine, how grate if you can see all the specials, clearances, and coupons from shops and business around you just with a touch of an icon on your smart phone or tablet.”
“Imagine, how good if you can check all the specials, clearances, and coupons in any designated shopping mall or shopping street and you are able to plan your shopping in advance.”
Every shop or business owner no matter big or small wants to pass their message about specials, clearances, coupons and business details to their customers in the most effective, efficient, and cheapest way as fast as possible.

We, AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED have taken above stated ideas and the fact as a challenge. We have faced that challenge by developing the technology for www.myshopspecials.co.nz website and its mobile apps. Www.myshopspecials.co.nz is not planned to be another specific service providing website. Any shop or business who becomes an affiliate of www.myshopspecials.co.nz will be benefited by other innovative and ordinary services and products associated with AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED.

Myshopspecials.co.nz is entirely an innovative project with the idea of location base Online Business Directory same time which provides an advertising platform to shops and business in New Zealand. This project is planed, funded, developed, and administrated by AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED.
AUCKLAND ADVERTISING LIMITED is entirely a New Zealand based company which is registered at New Zealand Companies Office with the company registration number 4342838.

# One more thing from our philosophy – “The purpose is more important than the physical thing itself.”
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